Far too pretty to eat. Although my sweet tooth would get the better of me and I probably would anyway.

UPDATE: Style Geek found out that the cupcakes are made by a Miami-based company called Cupcakes Nouveau. Their website doesn't say anything about national or international orders so I'm guessing they don't do them. Boo.



Anonymous said...

oh my god! they are adorable, but where from? i want them so much. they would be the perfect birthday cake!

Style Geek said...

...*sqeals* OMG! You're right! They're too pretty to eat!!
Where are they from? Are they for sale? ^o^ WANT!

Life, Love & the Pursuit of Fashionable People

Ashley said...

I wish I knew where they were from bc I would so order some right now.

nicola ticola ponders said...

OH these are the BEST! Aww, wish I could make cakes...

Have a look at the latest giveaway on my blog!

Nicola xx


Style Geek said...

I think I found the place that makes them: Cupcakes Nouveau.
It's based out of Miami... I wonder if they ship their cupcakes nationally... lol ^o^

Life, Love & the Pursuit of Fashionable People

Erin Nicole said...

omggg i these are the cutest cupcakes everrr, but i would totally end up eating them haha

jane st. clair said...

wow!! those are impressive!
the little violet dress

tina_mbc said...

Too cute for words... ;)


Raji said...

Ahhh these are adorablee!!!
I'd probably stare at them for like an hour, doubt I could resist though.
Yum :P

J. said...

I love, love, LOVE them!

Anonymous said...

hahaha soooo girly!