no cares

I love these photos of Erin doing the Cali skate/beach babe thing. I can almost smell the warm, salty air. I'm craving summer even more now, especially since ours has been virtually non-existant. Its a whopping 59 degrees today. And its raining. Awesome.



Isabel said...

I love Erin. These photos are awesome. And i love this song! Great blog!


CAMILLE said...

she looks her best when natural!

STARR said...

She does look so natural

hannah said...

shes such a babe !

kirstyb said...

love these pics! i want a holiday x

style crusader said...

Gotta love Erin, she is just so cool and original. She looks great in these pictures. Thanks for posting.


little shadow said...

blegh, i hate it when the weather doesn't fit the description of the season.
love those photo's of Erin though.
hope your summer gets better!

Wyna Noh said...

california is calling ;) beautiful pics x

Lynn said...

it's time to hit the beach and go surfing! great images of erin!


jane st. clair said...

great pictures. i am envious of her long hair!
the little violet dress

Raji said...

Lovelyy photoss
Erin is just soo cool