Vionnet Resort

Rodolfo Paglialunga's first foray as creative director of the house of Vionnet yielded this stunning resort collection replete with gorgeous jewel-toned fabrics and luxe Grecian draping. Paglialunga retained the house's understated elegance but injected modern elements such as nude bike shorts (above).



Bella said...

Such an amazing collection... I love the chic edge!

CharmaineLi said...

i LOve the colour of the first dress!!

Sarah A. said...

oh my god - these are some seriously beautiful pieces and i love the way they are styled. that first dress! there are no words.

Raji said...

Reallyy beautiful collections
Some pieces are actually amazingg
I'm a fan

jane st. clair said...

oh wow! that first picture is especially awesome.
the little violet dress

Jacqueline said...

I have to say that the second pictured grasped my attention the most!!! the see through fabric, the draping, its just breathtaking