not-so-crazy* wishlist : fall '09

Tote: IRO
Boker bag, $396 at shopbop

Glove: 3.1 PHILLIP LIM
Lace-detailed leather gloves, $325 at Net-A-Porter

James blazer in vermilion, $395 at Shopbop

Scarf: RIKA
Leopard print Love scarf, $173 at La Garçonne

Robyn top, $160 at Shopbop

Platform bootie: STEVE MADDEN
Eboniee grey suede bootie, $149.95 at Steve Madden

Knitwear: TOPSHOP
Knitted fluffy jumper, $145 at Topshop

Flat Boot: FRYE
Engineer boot, $188 at UO

The skinny jeans, $224 at shopbop

Cross ring, $184 at Bona Drag

*My not-so-crazy wishlist for fall consists of quality items that I would consider mainly in my price-range and that I may (or may not) purchase. Stay tuned for my CRAZY fall wishlist which consists of designer items that are light years out of my price-range that I would never consider purchasing because doing so would result in my declaring bankruptcy/fleeing to Siberia to evade credit collectors.


Autour de toi said...

Love the knitwear, blazer, boots and your music!

LYDIA! said...

I cant stop staring that the steve madden booties. so intriguing!

thatsorad said...

those are perfict! I love the Fry's!

Lynn said...

the wish list just keeps growing and growing! love everything here specially the current elliott ripped jeans. its in my wish list too!

lancelonie said...

I love the choices! :)

Gleopatra said...

Ack those steve madden booties are on my wishlist too, I want them!


Andy said...

First time on your blog, i will come back!
I think i fell in love your these booties :-)


clairegrenade said...

that blazer has the most perfect tailoring/color for fall!!

niiiice wishlist, mine looks pretty similar!

10ThMuse said...

I love the Iro one, it's so amazing..
ps: i'm doing a little karaoke here on "everywhere" :D

tina_mbc said...

You 've picked out some gorgeous pieces!
Good luck with your shopping! ;)


Sally said...

Can I be boringly poor for a moment and just say I'm jealous even this stuff is in your price range? It's deathly glamorous. That Topshop sweater. Those Steve Madden booties. The gloves! Let's not talk about the gloves.

Ashley said...

Sally- the gloves are the most expensive thing on here and just a tad out of my price-range to be honest...I love them, though and they weren't crazily expensive enough to go in my "crazy" wishlist that I'll post later this week (just for fun) :) Its all about online window shopping.

crickets said...

Oh the Platform bootie's are to die for, would def. be on the top of my fall list.


Ima said...

love that blazer, platform and scraf <3

Catarina said...

I love the Steve Madden booties, i don't usually go for grey footwear but those are not bad at all!

Raji said...

Absolutely lovely
Made me realise that I'm fully ready to get cracking on my winter wardrobe. Excitmenttt

ari said...

I LOVE those steve madden booties!! they remind me of the YSL imperial platform shape!! I have been looking everywhere for them online,,,, but I can't find them... anyone has any idea where I can get those steve madden booties @ HELP!