These aren't your typical brown paper bags.
Btw I know I'm posting way more editorials than I normally do, its just that I keep finding these really amazing ones...the powers-that-be (read: editors) have really pulled out all the stops for the '09 September issues.

Sasha Pivovarova in W magazine, Sept. '09



glamourgirl said...

sasha is great, and so is this editorial love it

thatsorad said...

That is awesome! I love the last photo! Your postings rock!!!! Keep them commning!

nycrun said...

I have this spread in my copy of themag as well. it is absolutely fantastic

crickets said...

Such an interesting twist I would think, and lovely work no doubt.


Dylana said...

Sasha is amazing! She is always changing and can be any character in a photo shoot! Love her! Great post!


Sang said...

one of my fav. editorials.
thanx for the post!!

Catarina said...

great editorial, Sasha looks really good with dark hair. I love the goth vibe in some of the pics.

tina_mbc said...

Great idea and great styling! Gotta love edgy editorials like this...! :)


INTIZ said...

Fabulous Editorial:-)