UPDATE: Holy shiz you guys!! Shopbop IS
STILL CARRYING vintage Chanel bags
from WCAGA Vintage. Go to "What's New"
and keep scrolling through. There's
also a couple new ones.


Nubiasnonsense said...

Wow thats really cool, I like that red one

I want one!

ari said...

wow! thanks for letting us know! :)

Beth said...

These are gorgeous, seriously drooling lol
Love that pink one especially!
Beth xx

HEK said...

That nude one is seriously tdf..

Yuka said...

awww theyre so cute. and this way i dont have to worry about them being fakies

Antonio Barros said...

The first black and the nude are my favorites!

the singular

Mary said...

I need the third one. OH GOSH I need it. If only.

(PS: You're from Halifax too? Awesome...)

MM said...

that is awesome.
no no.

vogued out!!! said...

omg I had no idea. this is great. thanks