baby, its cold outside

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I want a sweater exactly like this one. You know the kind of sweater that swallows you up in yummy, cozy, fuzzy goodness when you put it on? Yeah I need one of those. Its cold outside and warmth doesn't always come in chic forms.



MIA said...

oh god, it's perfect

bloomingvogue said...

Yeah, this is cool! I love this style! I ordered some days ago a similar one at asos.com. Maybe you saw this on my site? I hope it will be as cozy as it looks like ;)

Charlene said...

Love it. Need it!!

Stacy said...

love her sweater!

also, i just started a giveaway contest, maybe you'd be interested in it?

Nina Kobalia said...

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Kb said...

Love, love, love her cardigan and the way she layered it. Definitely cosy.


Agreed. I have an incredible body-and-soul-swallowing knit...definitely not chic but without a doubt, cosy!

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