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Prism makes amazing eyewear and evidently, equally amazing cases. I've always wanted glasses as long as I can remember. I used to fake poor eyesight during my visual acuity tests so that I might have to get a pair...never worked. Recently I bought myself a pair of glasses with non-prescription lenses for $12. They have a silver frame with a thick black band across the top; totally nerdy, which I love. My friend told me I look like George from Seinfeld when I wear them, which is obvs exactly what I was going for.



Fashion Monstre said...

love this i NEED to get a pair!!!

Celia said...

sometimes i really wish i had bad eyesight so that i could wear glasses. they can just be so amazing!


coy colleen said...

i'm so desperate to get a pair of these. hopefully santa will answer my prayers this christmas! lol

fashionable palette said...

OMG AMAZING. Just when you think you've seen it all... that case is ridiculously cool.

Anonymous said...

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