bag lady

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Emi Kameoka's collection of Chanel bags. Want.



Jasmine said...

Ooooh so beautiful! Love them!

coy colleen said...

droooooling over these!

Kirsten Leigh Kuehn said...

that first one made me weak in the knees!

{uninhibited fashion}

Vee said...

so classic. i love your blog
& in regards to your comment on my blog, it IS beautiful but heed my warning: vintage corsets should never be slept it. i've found just recently it's quite uncomfortable. ha

Anonymous said...

WHOA. If this isn't love, I don't know what is.

Fashion Monstre said...

gimmie the third one!!!

simone! said...

Holy hell. I am so so in love right now.

Gilda David said...

godness the last one is so perfect, so unique... im in love <3

have a wonderfull Sunday sweetie !!


thalialouise said...

wow these bags are so lovely !

Cynthia said...

i want the first!!!!

Valencia Lia said...

Beautiful beautiful bags !!

Its my dream bag to have,the Chanel classic flap bag <3

Catarina said...

Those bags are gorgeous! What I would give to have one, if not all three!!!

ellesappelle said...


Daisy said...

Ohh how lovely !

harps said...

that last one is so tacky yet so cute!

Anonymous said...

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