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Jimmy Choo x H&M in stores today. (Not in the Halifax store... I'm kinda less than thrilled about that). Go here to find a store (in Canada) carrying the collection.



Jacqueline said...

love those pants in the second photo!


katrina said...

Ahh , gorgeous items!!


thatsorad said...

Surprizingly they look super comfortable!!!

Jord. said...

One of my best friends is desperate for a pair of those at the moment.

We were in selfridges today in the UK, saw some little dolly type jimmy choo shoes and they were £265. I promised if i came into money i'd buy her a pair, but we'll have to see about that..

I'm new to this whole blogging about fashion thing! Only started today! Seems like such an amazing place to discuss my opinions/ideas on fashion and culture. Could you or anyone who sees this point me in the direction of men fashion bloggers? want to get some inspiration for mine. Thankyou! :D

Paulina said...

The shoes<33