zara november '09

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Zara November '09 lookbook
Zara is launching online shopping this fall/winter throughout Europe, then the US. Dear people at Zara, please don't forget about Canadian shoppers who live faaaaar away from Zara (closest to me: Toronto) and would love online shopping!


Anonymous said...


Cherish said...

I didn't know they were launching a website but I'm so glad they are! My nearest Zara's like an hour drive away, I'd much prefer stalking them online. ;')



Anonymous said...

WWOOOWW :| So amazing... i want the 1st and 2nd outfit.. I love it *.*

And thanks you so much sweetie for visit and comment my blog :) i really apreciatte!! i love your blog, always great shots and news, like this one :D

Have a wonderfull week

Charlene said...

Cant wait. Id wear all of this! :)

Couture Cookie said...

I LOVE Zara! Fortunately, I live very close to one. Now I'm just waiting for Kookai to launch in the US as well. :)

geisharock said...

ooooh online shopping?? when?? that would be amazing... every store needs an online store. i just posted their latest ad campaign on my blog too, haha. xoxo

MIA said...

the 'space' shirt is amazing as the boots. the pants in the last one just stay well to girl with legs with 130cm..

loft in soho said...

I love the second look!


simone! said...

Yeeeees! Just what I need! ♥

Melissa~ said...

love the boties and all the outfits.

Catarina said...

I went to Zara yesterday to look for the gorgeous tee in the second pic but i didn't find it :(
The 3rd look is also so pretty!

ediot said...

love the outer-space-dress. divine!

Jacqueline said...

love that one top that is sparkly!