christmas spirit

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Hey guys! I hope you're enjoying the holiday season! I am loving it! Here's something totally random to kick off your Friday:

Tell me:

1. Your fave Christmas movie
2. Your fave Christmas tune
3. The number one item on your wishlist
4. A family Christmas tradition


Laura said...

beautiful photos!!
i love christmas! it's definitely my favourite time of the year.

1. the only christmas movie i've ever seen is the grinch.
2. ehmm.. i don't know that much christmas tunes..
3. a zara leopard faux fur coat (actually we don't give each other presents with christmas).
4. breakfast and dinner with family.

Karoline said...

These photos def brings out the christmas spirit in me:)

1. I don't know if I have any:P
2. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.....
3. Mulberry suede bag!!!

4. I need to eat my grandmothers christmas food, it's important.

Leanne H said...

1)One Magic Christmas(with Gilleon the Angel)

2) I'll be Home for Christmas, Dolly & Kenny

3) Nikon SLR

4) My grandmother's Tea Ring Cake & Hot Chocolate Xmas Morning

The Bambina said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the holiday season.

1. Either "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"... both great.

2. "Blue Christmas"- Elvis or "Please Come Home for Christmas"- The Eagles, and I like the Bon Jovi version, too.

3. Suede MacAllisters!

4. Writing expectations for the new year and packing them away with the decorations- it's so fun!

Cindy said...

1. christmas vacation and the grinch cartoon
2. all i want for christmas is you, mariah but i spent my childhood with dolly and kenny and a reggae christmas
3. fantasy, a rick owens biker jacket, reality a hd flip camera in leopard
4. we always open our gifts at midnight on christmas eve and we always eat fish on christmas eve too.

Keith said...

1. How The Grinch Stole Christmas

2. White Christmas

3. The entire dvd collection of the Dean Martin show

4. I always remember having my parents call me up either late at night or early in the morning to come see what Santa left. It was always spread out on the couch.

mel said...

ahh FANTASTIC pictures!christmas is here yea!my fave song is "my only wish" :p
have fun ;)

c a r l o s r o s s i said...

1. best christmas movie has got to be Gremlins

2. Christmas tunes aren't really my fancy but the Raveonettes did a good Christmas record last year.

3. Number 1 item on the wishlist is pretty much being with my friends. I have all I need.

4. Don't really do family traditions as they live far away, and I usually can't swing a ticket this time of year anyway.


1. four chrismases.
2. oh, my. i love all xmas carols.
3. to get my collar bone pierced
4. watching television for three days straight!

brilliant photos!
oh, btw. i tagged you here http://afrowrinklemachine.blogspot.com/2009/12/capital.html

MIA said...

3. a personalized leather jacket
4. build the christmas' tree with the family

Christina said...

Christmas spirit! I love it!
1. A Charlie Brown Christmas
2. Christmas Time is Here
3. Surprisingly enough I don't have a number 1 thing on my list.
4. Every Christmas Eve my family has tamales and enchiladas. The Christmas Eve dinner never changes. (:

Elizabeth said...

gorgeous photos!

1) Definently Love Actually, it's my favorite movie ever actually.
2) "The Gift", "Last Christmas" and "Christmas Shoes"
3) Gossip Girl season 2!! haha. :)
4) We always open our presents BEFORE eating breakfast, haha.

the gorgeous said...

Beautiful pics dear! The last one it's faboulous!! I don't know my favourite movie right now but I love "love actually", specially the scene of the love declaration.. ;)
My family has a particular way to give presents, we play a game and the one who lost is the first at taking one present...it's really funny and it takes a long time wich I LOVE it!

Ruth loves said...

Favorite Christmas movie is probably The Grinch or Polar Express.. i just wish i was a kid from the film haha!

Christmas tune has gotta be Mariah Carey's All i want for Christmas is you (Despite the fact i hate her haha!)

Number 1 item is probably a camera, but i know im not getting one hahahaha, so probably clothes

And me and my mum and brother always have a chinese on Christmas Eve :)