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Dan Martensen and Shannan Click at home. I love the mix of rustic, romantic and the seventies.



Katie said...

I love the country. Ohh candles are beautiful. I like all the rustic wood houses too. Cute.

ediot said...

i love the place itself. not so much how its decorated.. but i would love to live there.. such a nice place.

Tiffany said...

wow i love these rooms, its so wooden and comfy

Jacqueline said...

reminds me of aspen.


Raji said...

I love the mix of styles
Looks so cool and comfortable

Isabel said...

I totally fell in love with their home when I saw the pictures too! I mean who cares about minimalizm, bring on th rustic!
I really like your blog, allot of nice inspiration:)

Daisy said...

Actually in love with these !

dfadf said...

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