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The concept for this editorial is genius. Its relevant, the models are hot messes, the photos are grainy and amateur, and the garments are shown in "real" situations (I use that term loosely for Abbey Lee, cupboard-dweller). Also, I love how Gisele is covering her baby bump with the clothes.

Resort 2010/Vogue Italia



lamardemona said...

in love w the 2nd one..
love the pattern mix

ediot said...

Abbey Lee is so cute! such an unique look. have a great weekend. xx ediot

Praxides said...

Love Abby Lee, just posted about her, she is amazing!


B a la Moda said...

Love the first and second pictures. They capture that moment so well-
B* a la Moda

Anonymous said...

wow, i absolutely love these!
i want to look like the second picture, every day.


Dejana • shopsterium.blogspot.com said...

Gisele had her babay a few days ago, didn't she?
Love the photography here.

Anonymous said...

those sunglasses are actually beautiful, and i agree the concept is absolute genius.

LP. said...

ahhhh, i love all of these! especially the gisele myspace pic - genius, like you said!


Pauli said...

love the first pic.

Jacqueline said...

You find the best photos on your blog! Love it.


Farouche Fashion said...

Love the first outfit!!
love love your blog!!we should trade links? ♥

Emily said...

soo edgy! i love it

Lenine said...

The first one is amazing edgy!

RaspberryKitsch said...

love it, yeah you're right such a good editorial :)



Mary Standish said...

All about the Freja.

MIA said...

indeed, the idea and the shots are great but I don't like the cover.

Fashion Monstre said...

i adore amateur pictures. and that first picture drives me freaking MAD!!! i love it

Ganymede Girl said...

I feel like one of the people that wasn't into the concept, but I love all of the images without the twitter layouts, they look so much better. Very fun set of photos.

Katie said...

These are so cool and cute. Nice simple amateur looking photos. Really nice. I like the ones of Abbey Lee

Anonymous said...

really like this.

Heather said...

Love the first one! I want a sexy beast on my cake!


Catarina said...

all of the pics are amazing i especially like the one with Freja.

Raji said...

Genius editorial.
These pictures are stunning

Anonymous said...

hehe those pictures rock I love how they're just so messy and crazy, real! The first one is my favourite and teh leather jacket is cool.


Anonymous said...

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