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Post-NYE (aka New Year's Day). Your body is punishing you for a night of all-out drinking, partying, and godknowswhatelse. Once you can actually roll your sorry ass out of bed (and by "you" I pretty much mean me), food is number 1. Skip the coffee, that will only dehydrate you more; potassium-rich OJ is your best bet, plus lots of H2O. Protein and carbs are definitely essential (classic breakkie food- eggs and toast). Next, get clean. New Year's Day is the only day I will even consider taking a bubble bath. Fresh's Milk Bath & Shower Cream is the best. It contains vitamins C, E and lactic acid which help in rehydrating skin. Plus, its enriched with evening primrose oil which is used as a natural hangover remedy because it can help reduce stomach and liver discomfort. Once you're out of the bath, slip into some cozy sweats and get comfy on the couch. They say that eyes are the windows to the soul and the bags, dark circles and bloodshot whites kind of obstruct the view. Take Sephora's Pearl Ice Cooling Mask by Inka, pop it in the fridge for an hour and place it on your tired peepers for 20-30 minutes. Bliss. And speaking of Bliss, treat your hands and feet to super-hydrating Bliss' Softening Socks and Glamour Gloves. Perfect time to re-watch your Sex and the City DVDs. Happy New Year lovers!!



katrina said...

Hah, greatest post today:D
Happy new year!

Minette said...



Cindy Whitehead said...

Great advice (-:

Happy New Year!

čudna said...

great post and happy new year 2 you 2 :)

Melissa~ said...

after New year, I spend all the day in bed.
Now I'm in bed.

Jacqueline said...

Cute post! Happy New Year =) xoxo


fashion_chic said...

sweet photo <3

Christina said...

What a useful post! Thanks for the tips!

Karoline said...

I definitly feel the same way today, I woke up at 16.00:P

Happy new year, honey:)

Cindy said...

great post. i slept until 2:30 that killed my hang over. now i'm cuddling with the criminal minds marathon on a&e. the perfect do nothing day.

happy 2010!

Vicki said...

Haha you just explained my day!! OJ saved me too! great post :)
magpie-girl.blogspot.com xo

Caroline said...

How true... I spent New Years Day watching the entire 4th season of Sex and the City... poor Aiden!

Hope your celebration was wonderful!

Happy New Year!


ellesappelle said...

haha. great advice!

Tam said...

wish i'd read this earlier..:] love the picture, do i spy kate?

Elizabeth said...

haha great advice! i dont need it for a few more years (well, 6 more haha) but i should save this for then! haha

Treacle said...

Yes ma'am! ;-)

The Sound of Lace said...

Much needed self indulgence!


Raji said...

This is such a great post.
The perfect time to get some much needed pampering in, before the crazyness of the year starts :)
Happy New Yearrr