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Classic MKA.

So I still don't have a New Year's resolution. I usually do the same old boring eat right/go to the gym shpeel, which I still plan on doing, I just want something different too. What are your New Year's resolutions??



Fashion Wh0re said...

i Don't have any yet either.. Love the MKO & AO picture Love those shoes too

fuschiaaa said...

To be nice. I agree, classic mka.

čudna said...

I don`t have any, because I never stick to them anyway!

Karoline said...

LOVE the look of MKA here, and the orange on Ashley looks pretty cool to.

Mine is getting a job in fashion.
Start on new studys this fall.
To think more positive.
To have more freedom and love in my relationship.
Hang out more with friends and family.
And of course to eat right, exersice on a daily basis and lose some pounds.

The Bambina said...

Loving the elephant.

My resolutions include nurturing my friendships more, being more positive, and strssing less!

The Bambina

K8 said...

I've always loved that orange Elizabeth & James dress.

My New Year's resolutions are to write everyday (non school related writing) and do more outfit posts on my blog. Also eat right, i.e. not let the munchies get the best of me :)

Happy New Year!

Fashion X K8.blogspot

Jacqueline said...

Love both of their outfits here. Gorgeous elephant. I never make any resolutions =) xoxo


Vanessa said...

!!!!!!!! AAAAAH i love them so much. they never fail to have amazing outfits!

Elizabeth said...

they are so gorgeous!
i had a ton of resolutions-but they are always the same! lol get a job, eat healthy, try my best at everything i do, and so on haha

love, S said...

I don't have resolutions but I have a "2010 to do" list on my blog :)

MKA are so hip. It's frikken cool.

The Sound of Lace said...

That lace dress is amazing!
In the New Year my goal is to FORGET about 2009!


confessions of a marc addict. said...

i get such mixed reactions when looking at pictures of them. i feel euphoria because they have the best style i've ever seen, and i feel frustration because i know that no matter how amazing i dress, i will never look as good as they do.

Gleopatra said...

-def go to the gym more, as boring a resolution as it is
-touch my face less (i'm really bad about this)
-be kinder
-do something meaningful
-follow trends less and be more faithful to my own style