stella mccartney resort 2011

If a breath of fresh air could be interpreted in a Resort collection, this is it. Everything is fresh, feminine and light. Beautiful botanical prints on micro-shifts look almost hand-painted on. Except for a few crisp suits, this collection is all about showing off toned gams in shorts and skirts and mini dresses (some in lace). Time to sign up for that yoga class.



samantha said...

looking at this collection makes me feel like i just took an enormous drink of ice cold water.

ediot said...

hi darling. yes abandoned buildings are worth exploring- but you do want to do it in broad daylight.. this particular house was only brightened by daylight on the upper floors so when we had to find the exit, in the basement- we couldn't get out and it was so dark. there was only one exit.. and the building was at least 1 km..aaa i was so scared.
hope youre having a nice monday. take care

Anonymous said...

Love Stella!