prada resort 2011

The way the models are photographed reminds me of those cheesy portrait studios with the fake forest background, except here the poses are more Saks department store mannequin and the backgrounds are fake forest on acid. I really love the clothes; they're much more understated than the accessories, like the armful of bangles in bright, punchy hues, but still playful. The denim pieces are kind of awesome, especially the super wide-leg pair that should come with the disclaimer: shouldn't be worn by anyone under 6 feet, 100 lbs. And remember when socks and sandals were nerdy? Miuccia disagrees. Chunky platforms + ballet-esque flats + socks = amazing.


ann said...

omg i love the multiple colored bracelets on the models!! must have!

ann xx


AH said...

the styling is just so 90s!

Mcmaris said...

The shoes are just awesome! wowza