alexander wang pre-fall 2011

I lalalalove this collection. With cleaner lines and super wearable pieces these clothes are a retailer's dream. Everything is definitely more elegant but still with Wang's edge. The slouchy pants are perfect with a cool cut-out detail at the knee. Simple zipper detail on shirting replace the ubiquitous stud. Refreshingly enough, there is very minimal hardware in this collection. The outerwear is strong with sleeveless trenches, vests and moto jackets as well as a cropped caramel suede biker jacket. Neutral hues dominate the palette save for two beautiful silk frocks in autumnal orange and a deep teal. Pre-fall is obviously made to sell and this collection definitely will.



Carina said...

I'm not a big fan of the slouchy pants...probably because they don't look good on me!!! I do like the outfits with the skinny pants though.

I'm not the biggest Alexander Wang fan but his pre-fall collections are usually spot on

Ashley said...

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Glamour Bbey. said...

Wow amazing collection! Thanks for sharing xx