3 things

I have no idea who makes the leather jacket but it needs to find its way into my life.

If I had an iPhone 5 I would totally buy this Marc Jacobs foil-covered case.


raleve jesica said...

I love everything about these! This is one of the best fitting and best overall leather jackets I've owned. It fits me perfectly, looks fantastic and is really cool. I like cwmalls.com so much.

Luca Mindy said...

just read an article saying that another designer of LVMH Marc Jacobs destroyed Galliano's career because he wanted to get his job. A young designer claims Jacobs has been using her talent for 5 years. She says Jacobs fooled her with love and keeps her in psycho terror. There are many evidences on: http://styleangelique.blogspot.hu/2013/03/marc-jacobs-thief-of-century-who.html